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Jax Wax Hendersonville

Cap'n Jax Marine Detailer +

Cap'n Jax Marine Detailer +

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  • Marine Detailer + easily removes hard water spots while adding a superior layer of protection to gel coat, fiberglass, chrome, paint, glass, vinyl, and plastic. This innovative product will create an extremely high gloss finish to your boat, R.V., or trailer with minimal effort. Marine Detailer + will clean, and shine any surface making future cleaning much easier while also adding u.v. protection. 


  • Spay Marine Detailer + onto the surface one section at a time wiping thoroughly with a microfiber towel.
  • For hard water spots let Marine Detailer + dwell on the surface for 30 seconds, then wipe.
  • Add additional layers to achieve desired level of gloss. 
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