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Jax Wax Hendersonville

Marine Coating

Marine Coating

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Cap’n Jax  Marine Ceramic Coating creates an unmatched layer of protection which shields your watercraft from the abuse coming from the sun and other elements.

Cap’n Jax Marine Ceramic Coating contains SiO2 (silica dioxide). This makes our ceramic marine coating very effective at preventing swirling and minor scratching . Cap’n Jax Marine Coating  provides your boat with UV protection and a new hydrophobic surface for the gelcoat. Product works great on gel coats, boat bumper rails, metal surfaces, glass and painted plastic surfaces. 


Prep:   Wipe down the surface with Prep Spray.

If needed: Polish the surface to reduce any imperfections . 

Apply:   Shake well before use. Apply directly onto the applicator pad and spread product evenly onto the surface. Like all ceramics this product will have a “rainbow” look to it as it begins to dry. This will begin within seconds. Give it a minimum of 60 seconds to set up and then remove using a clean leveling towel.  The coating will have some slight resistance when you wipe. This slight resistance lets you know it’s ready for removal. If you have difficulty removing the product, you waited too long. Once you’ve wiped thoroughly , lightly wipe over the area again to ensure product is even and level on the surface. Once you have wiped with the second towel the coating will begin to “set-up”. Do not go back into an area minutes later and re-wipe or you could cause streaking. 

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